Key features

A high-tech grading service

museum-quality encapsulation with scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and durable plastic

Submit your coins for grading
  1. Sheldon grading
  2. Label with all the technical information of the coin
  3. QR code with online verification
  4. Anti-counterfeiting hologram
  5. Serial code

A simple and fast service

How does that work

You can entrust us with serenity submitting your coins and medals. We guarantee a fast and safe service, we are located in the heart of Europe. We can manage all the logistics, from collection to return, offering an optional insurance.

Submit your coins now


download and fill out the form that
you can find in the Submit Now section


book the pick-up or find the
Classical Coin Grading Point
closest to you


in about 15 days you will receive the coins
graded and encapsulated