A new design for our slabs

2/27/24 - We are excited to present our new series of coin inserts. Better edge visibility. Available in black or white.

We are excited to present our new series of coin inserts, designed to enhance the aesthetics and visibility of your coins.

We have created a new insert entirely made in Italy with top-quality materials.

This new design allows for optimal coin display, maintaining the classic corner stapling and introducing elongated hooks for better edge visibility.

The insert is elegant and maximizes the aesthetic appearance of the coins.

The front of the insert now features an enlarged label elegantly applied to the surface, offering the possibility to include more information. Upon request, the label can be fully customized.

Available for coins with diameters ranging from 10 mm to 45 mm.

You can choose between white or black inserts to highlight your coins to the fullest.


new slab

Key features:
  1. Sheldon scale grading
  2. Label with all the technical information of the coin
  3. QR code with online verification
  4. Anti-counterfeiting hologram
  5. Serial code
  6. New design with large margin to easily view the coin's edge

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